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Know about your customer's attention, analyzing their behavior Heatmaps will help you develop a great UX.

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How heatmap will gonna help you?

Support All Screans

Smart and Support Mobile and Web

Heatmaps will enable you to figure out the attention of all the users across many devices and screens also support mobile apps and websites.

Export and Share!

Share, Compare and Innovate

You can share the results, or create multiple variants of the same page and compare the results.

Stop guessing, No Limits

Track any page, URL ....

You can track single pages or multiple pages through a specific URL or using lookalike.

Don't waste your time

Stop Guessing & Spot the real issues.

Tired of guessing and wasting time or opportunities? Enough, start using heatmaps.

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Qandel helps enterpeise to grow through data, understand your customer behavior. Develop a deeper understanding of your users Now.

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