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Watch the full user journey from entry to exit, understand what the need and feel. Spot the problem and touch their pain point.

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Discover the problems, Find new ideas, opportunities.

Records can be a funnel

Full User Journey Records

See continuous and full journey records for your users, find the right answers quickly.

Find New Ideas or opportunities

Advanced Search & Filters

It's recorded, but you can expect more than filters and search engine 'It's a Funnel'

Smart and Adaptive Records

AI will Help you Control

Control the number of sessions, you can control the rate or just use sampling or leave it to get all the sessions.

Security and Privacy

We take Privacy & Security Seriously

We have a specialized team of technicians and information security engineers working to secure the platform from any potential attacks, and we certainly care about the highest standards of privacy.

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Qandel helps enterpeise to grow through data, understand your customer behavior. Develop a deeper understanding of your users Now.

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