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Websites Integration

Copy this JS Code to your website head section

Please replace the WebsiteId and ClientId from the Dashbaord

(function (s, t, a, c, k) {
    t.src = t.src;
    var d = document.createElement('script');
    for (var attr in t) {
        d.setAttribute(attr, t[attr] ? t[attr] : null)
    d.innerHTML = a;
    d.onload = function () {
        new StackAnalytix("" + c, "" + k).Start()

})(32, { src: '', type: 'text/javascript', async: null }, '', @Model.WbsiteId, @Model.ClientId);

Mobile Apps Integration

Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

        allprojects {
		    repositories {
			    maven { url '' }

Step 2. Add the dependency in your module build.gradle

    dependencies {
            implementation 'com.github.StackAnalysis:STKDroid:0.2.3'


Step 3. The best place to initialize the StackAnalytix is in the onCreate method of your application subclass.

    public class BaseApplication extends Application
        public void onCreate() {
        activities=new ArrayList<>();
        new StackAnalytix.Builder()
        .setAppId( )
        .setkey(" ")
        .setSkipRecorderActivities(activities)//skip some activities during  screen recorder
        .setOnCrashListener(new OnCrashListener() {
        public void onCrash(@Nullable String crashInfo, @Nullable Throwable e) {

        }).setOnLoggerListener(new OnLoggerListener() {
        public void onLogI(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


        public void onLogD(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


        public void onLogE(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


        public void onLogV(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


        public void onLogW(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


StackAnalytix Crash . StackAnalytix Crash Android integration detects and reports crashes from uncaught Java or Kotlin exceptions as well as ANRs.

    try {
        // Some potentially crashy code
    } catch (e: Throwable) {

Javascript API

You can Use this Apis to call some advanced function for more functionality

STKAPP.VisitorId  //this will retrive the visitor id UUID genered by stack analytix
STKAPP.FireTag("eventcode")  //this allow you send custom event for stack analytix also connected to session replay
STKAPP.SessionTag("event_code", {payload object})  //this allow you send custom event for stack analytix attatched with Session Replay
STKAPP.SetUserIdOrEmail("userid")>  //this allow you give your user a uniqe user id such as email
STKAPP.SetMetadata("metaKey","meta_value") //You can assign a meta data for user during session recording
Please Notes FireTag and Session Tag will help you in retargeting your users on social media platforms and google through pixel integration..

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